3 Years of Allfresch Logistics

Allfresch Logistics are celebrating their 3rd year of trading. Allfresch Logistics are responsible for thousands of shipments of fresh produce to customers across the globe, every year.

Trading since May 7th 2013, Allfresch Logistics has gone from strength to strength. We have gained new clients and overcome logistical challenges that are often presented when shipping large volumes of perishable goods such as fruit.

The team have had success moving various produce including bananas, exotics and citrus. They have gone to the Far East, Middle East, and Europe.

More recently we have tackled large shipments of fresh produce to new locations in New Zealand, Turkey, China and Mongolia.

“We like to think in our 3 years as a team we have met the majority if not all of the challenges asked of us. Each importer has a different set of rules, fruit specification and document requirements.With over 20 years experience in the logistics industry we still find that we are always learning and enjoy finding new solutions for our customers.” explained Simon McCutcheon, Allfresch Logistics Manager.

Over the past three years the company has developed strong relationships with principle shipping lines and their agents. We strive to meet individual customer requirements, at competitive rates.

The team are positive that the next three years will be even better with many exciting projects on the horizon.