Allfresch Groups new Quality Control Manager- Paula, was invited along with Allfresch Logistics Manager Carol to a private viewing of the Estelle Maersk Container Ship last week.

Paula Marino joined Allfresch in April as part of the Groups Claims Department. Her role is to access the various aspects that can go wrong during shipping and look at how these issues can be better managed by working with the shipping team and customers.

The visit was a fantastic opportunity for Paula to settle into her new role and meet with key members of the Maersk team. This  included Account Manager Danny.

They were given an exclusive tour of the grand Estelle Container Ship.

Estelle Maersk Container Ship

The vessel, currently sailing under the flag of Denmark was built in 2006. It has an overall length of 397m, a beam of 56m and a height of 30.2m. The gross tonnage is 170,794 tons which in 2009 was the largest ever built.

The Estelle Maersk Container Ship can hold 15,500 TEU containers and 1,000 TEU refrigerated containers. Thus making it a middle sized vessel. It is currently the 24th largest ship in the Maersk fleet.

The ship, like her predecessor sets new standards for safety and the environment. This is done through the use of environmentally friendly silicone paint covering the hull. This reduces water resistance and cuts the vessels fuel consumption by 1,200 tons per year. Technologies like this are said to reduce emissions by approximately 25% when compared to other ships.

The Captain met with Carol and Paula and explained that the vessel has a high number of sensors to check for anything that could cause a problem. He further explained that they can download in Felixstowe approximately 30 containers per hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- adding to the ships efficiency.

Carol and Paula were well looked after by Mr Danny Wright who spent no less than 3 hours showing them around the ship, including inside the engine room.

The Estelle Maersk is an incredible container ship that Carol and Paula were privileged to see. Allfresch are extremely grateful to Danny and the team for the experience.

Paula looks forward to making great strides in her new position, with customer service at the forefront of their work.