Visiting Ham Farms

During our trip to America we dropped by Ham Farms in Norfolk USA – to say hello!

Ham Farms are a huge supplier of sweet potatoes, squash, cabbage & watermelon. Moreover they export around the world and are a company that we are lucky enough to assist with their logistics requirements.

After we picked up by Debra from Connors, we drove to Snow Hill North Carolina. It was around a 3 hour drive. We went past a cotton farm and fields upon fields of Tobacco.

Then we met with Josh, Will and Bianca who look after Glennans and Gomez. As we had visited Glennans the week previously, we showed them the photos which they were very interested in seeing. They really appreciated the feedback.

What we did at Ham Farms

Ham Farms had 5000 acres of land 3 years ago. They have now have grown to 13000 acres. They are the largest farmers of sweet potatoes in North Carolina.

We had a tour of the site and saw the process for the potatoes right from when they are hand planted through to being harvested. This is done once a year and then they are stored.

Ham FarmsInterestingly, they have a very low percentage of waste. They make vodka, purée and animal feed out of the potatoes that do not make it through quality control.

We were able to talk to them about supplying one of our groups with fruit which was brilliant. In addition, they confirmed they were very pleased with the service we provide and how we handle any issues that arise at the other end.

We were happy to hear that they have every confidence in growing their volumes with current customers in the next season. They also look forward to working with us over the coming years!