Allfresch Goes to Norfolk USA

Last week we had the pleasure of traveling to America to meet one of our customers, who regularly use us for their export shipping.

It was an excellent opportunity to make sure they were happy with our service. We were able to see if they had any aspects they wanted to discuss. We were also pleased to be able to take some reciprocal business across to them too.

What did we get up to in the USA?

John S Connor Inc. in Norfolk USAAfter initial introductions we had meetings and refreshments. Then, Carol accompanied them to a visit to the Norfolk Port.

During our visit we saw a large vessel arriving. Around 80% of the containers that dock here continue their journey by rail. One can see them being loaded directly onto the trains. The ‘tunnel’ the lorries drive through is actually a weighing area. This will subsequently be important for when the new SOLAS regulations get put into place 1st July 2016.

Kara Matzko, who represents the Virginia International Terminals showed us around the Port. She told us about the plans going forward for expansion. There is a plan for the port to be expanded and to be fully automated by 2030. The reefer side of the containers is small in comparison and they are keen to grow this too.

At our later meeting with J S Connors General Manager, Paige, we had chance to discuss new opportunities for our customers.We discussed the shipping of limes for one of our many big suppliers. In addition we spoke about shipping options for a new chocolate project we have been asked to look at.

They were delighted that we had made the effort to go across to see them. We love really getting to know our customers and suppliers.It’s a big part of what makes us different from other companies and ensures we can give a service that’s second to none.

We are looking forward to welcoming them back over here in the UK in September.