On the surface choosing a logistics company to ship goods from one location to another may seem simple. It might be that you just need to organise a truck to pick up your goods from your supplier, transfer them to the shipping yard and book in, right?

As you most likely know it’s not quite that straight forward. There are many variables to consider when moving goods, particularly if they are to be transported across continents. There are even more variables if they are perishable goods and require a specialist, temperature controlled environment!

This article looks at the 5 main considerations that you should make before choosing a logistics company. Regardless of whether you are looking to ship or transport your goods by land, air or sea.

5 Considerations to Make When Choosing a Logistics Company

  1. Responsibility of goods
  2. Suitability of chosen transport methods
  3. Administration considerations
  4. Cost considerations
  5. Security of chosen transport method

1. Shipping Responsibilities

Clear guidance is necessary when looking to use a freight forwarding service. This pertains to who is responsible for the goods at each stage of the supply chain.

Defining this from the start is crucial. It ensures all parties are aware of their obligations should issues arise. It also defines who is responsible for costs associated with the transportation of goods.

These costs can include insurance, taxes and duties.

2. Suitability of Transportation

Another key consideration is suitability of the transportation chosen. For example consideration may need to be given to geographical challenges and how this may impact cost and timescales. This is particular important if your goods are perishable and time is of the essence!

3. Logistics Administration & Documentation

Administration of the correct documentationis a crucial element of freight forwarding management.

Important documents can include:

  • Commercial Invoices
  • Packing Lists
  • Certificates of Origin

The levels of administation will inevitably vary. If done incorrectly, poor administration can leave your goods stranded for days, weeks or even months. This can be a costly mistake.

4. Transportation Costs

Shipping and transportation costs are usually calculated by weight and cube of the goods for LCL (less than container loads). Alternatively, per individual containers for FCL (full container loads). Essentially, sending more in one shipment invariably brings down the overall cost per item/kilo/m3.

Other costs to consider can include:

  • Road transportation,
  • Administration
  • Fees

Ourline all additional costs when discussing your requirements.

5. Security

Above all, the security of your goods is vital. Not to mention ensuring they reach their destination undamaged and with no delays.

Choosing a reputable logistics company is a good starting point to secure your goods. In addition, you will need to make sure all parties have comprehensive insurance to cover unforeseen events.

Depending on your requirements there are varying logistical elements to consider. It is vital to define a clear strategy with your chosen logistics company before embariking on the import or export of goods. This includes defining clear terms of service.

In short, a reputable logistics company will help you to consider which method of transportation is the most suitable for your goods. They will help you to choose the most effective method and ensure all documentation is in place.

Most importantly, they will help to ensure your goods reach their location in time.

In sum, the Allfresch Logistics team can help you choose the best option for moving your goods. Contact us on +44 (0) 1952 461 715.

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