Earlier this month Logistics Managers Carol and Kim represented leading UK Freight Forwarder Allfresch Logistics at the official launch party of Maersk’s innovative new software- Remote Container Management (RCM).

The ‘cool’ event was held at the London’s Ice Bar and Reindeer Lounge. Guests from up and down the country including senior representatives from Tesco, J N Fox & Sons and J Marr joined the Maersk team for the product unveiling.

As well as enjoying canapes, cocktails and an opportunity to network, guests were invited to learn more about the new refrigerated container technology- its key features and benefits.

 “As your perishables make their way to your customers’ breakfast bowls, lunch boxes and dinner tables, Remote Container Management lets you and a dedicated Maersk Line team of specialists monitor everything from temperature and humidity to CO2 levels, and much more.” Maersk.

Benefits of RCM for Freight Forwarders

Maersk new innovative technology provides Freight Forwarders with a real-time view of what is going on inside their refrigerated containers. Data includes location updates, temperature data during transit and full journey assessments. All data is then sent daily via email to Account Managers.

“With clarity about the location and condition of the cargo at all times, not just during the ocean transport but throughout the journey of the container, RCM will help identify problem areas in customers’ supply chains and ways to improve them.” Maersk

For Freight Forwarders Allfresch Logistics, who ship hundreds of containers of perishable goods around the world weekly, the benefits are unprecedented.

With this technology Allfresch can now track the progress of shipments in detail, provide updates to clients and settle any claim disputes due to spoiling in a much more efficient manner.

For more information about Maersk RCM software or how Allfresch will be adopting the technology to benefit customers please contact us.